Canyon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

The chamber is located at 3934 FM 2673. The chamber produces a black and white brochure that is a goldmine of information about Canyon Lake parks. Call the chamber¬† Canyon Dam Crest Trail at 601 COE Road, Guadalupe North Trail at south access road at river, Guadalupe South Trail at south access road at river, Old Hancock Trail at end of Hancock Road, Overlook Trip at 601 COE Road, Madrone Trail at 280 Marine Drive, Potter’s Creek Park on Potters Creek Park Road at Hwy 484, Canyon Park at 280 Marine Drive, Canyon Beach Park at 280 Marine Drive, Cranes Mill Park at 16440 Cranes Mill Road #1, Curry Nature Center, and Jacob’s Creek Park/Joint Base SA. ¬†We have at the Rock Castle the brochure which details location in our literature of things to do or see.

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