Marriott Getting into Home Rentals

Interesting article in todays Wall Street Journal about the Marriott chain getting into home rentals. Seems that Airbnb is taking away some of its business. Marriott won’t be ready to advertise vacation and home rentals until next year. All this is welcome news for us because HomeAway/VRBO just tacked on additional onerous fees to our clients. Our clients now have to pay an additional $200! More on this later.

Upon Arrival

Welcome to Rock Castle Dala Hus. now that you have arrived,  unpacked, surveyed the house, bedrooms, pantry and refrigerator, what do you do next?Where are the grocery stores,  restaurants, and fast food places — within easy driving distance?

When you have time, review the maps and other printed material that you will find in the living room. But meanwhile following is a thumbnail guide.

Groceries: Brookshire Brothers Express (18209 FM306) and Lowe’s Market (Startzville on FM2673). The Lowe’s Market is near a CVS pharmacy and a Subway shop.

Restaurants: Gennaro’s Trattoria, Granny D’s, Italian Restaurant, MacDonalds.

Wildflour Artisan Bakery and Grill for lunch. For breakfast run over to KafeKali & Bakery for the best darn coffee and pastries in Canyon Lake.

You’ll see the Front Porch hamburger joint on FM2673. The hamburgers are large and tasty. The seating is outside but there is an  orch. A favorite of tubers is Jay and Dianes Horseshoe grill at the intersection of FM2673 and FM306.

Note that there is an H-E-B at the intersection of I35 and FM306 where you can get groceries and gas on your way in to the Rock Castle Dala Hus.