Booked Guests

About 3-7 days before your booked and scheduled arrival, we will email an information packet revealing the exact street address, how to access to the property, house rules and check-in and check-out lists. The packet will contain all you normally need.

The “Booked Guest” link takes you to more extensive, in-depth information about different aspects of the property irrelevant to  casual viewers of this web site. 

In the emailed information packet we will assign you a userid and password for access to booked guest information. Try out the link and keep the userid and password handy. 

You will find information about the coded door locks, WiFi, TV, BluRay dvd, Mitsubishi room heating/cooling units, Velux skylights, septic system, rainwater collection, plant drip irrigation, parking, trash pickup, more details on house rules, emergencies, what to do to reset a power breaker, what to do if something breaks or malfunctions.

  • Kitchen — microwave, refrigerator & ice maker, electric cooktop range, dishwasher, sink w/o disposer, coffee makers, kitchen clean-up supplies, fire extinguisher.
  • Living Room/Dining Area — placemat storage, extra chairs storage, GVTC Cable, LinkSys WiFi, TV, BluRay DVD.
  • Screened Porch — sliding doors, shades.

Go ahead and click here if you received your information packet  with your user  Id and password.